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Headway Writers’ goal is to be the best place for writers to put their skills to use and earn a living quick. Our company functions as an easy portal for writers to work at home by providing them with an easy to use web interface, 24/7 support and competitive salaries that they deserve for all their hard work.

We have built our website to give writers of all backgrounds an opportunity to truly shine. Our hundreds of writers come in all shapes and forms and we have taken many of them under our wings including:

  • College students
  • School teachers
  • Stay at home parents
  • Retired citizens
  • And many more!


There is no one who is too young or too inexperienced for us. We value talent in all forms and are willing to take the leap of faith with you to get your career started quickly and gain more about us.

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Our foundation is built on the enrichment of writers. Our top priority is to get our employees to work by giving them creative opportunities. We like to work as a community and share our experiences and knowledge to help you become better writers. So regardless of your experience level, we strive to make you feel comfortable and provide with the necessary stepping stones to achieve more with your skills as well as grow as an individual. We have had many writers who have worked for us for many years and we have seen their transformation into talented writers.

Headway Writers is the ultimate place to launch your career today and become a member of a colorful group of creative minds where you will learn and mature as you grow with us.